Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Tasmania – Explore The Apple Isle

Tasmania is Australia's smallest State, a small island 150 miles off the southern coast of the mainland. Its capital city Hobart offers a range of urban wonders from food to art and performances, while this little island also boasts many unique and fascinating natural wonders, from walking tracks to, pristine beaches, to the spectacular old growth forests of the Styx Valley. There are several national parks and world heritage sites – in fact over a quarter of the country is now National Parkland! I'd say the best way to fully explore Tasmania from coast to coast and take in all is has to offer is to travel by camper.

RVs and campers are becoming a hugely popular travel option for retirees and professional globetrotters to visit new places without the hastle and cost of hotels and transport. There are several reasons for this – freedom and flexibility, comfort, an easy way to spend more time with family and the biggest of them all – budget. Getting to a new location is easy enough, but to spend any length of time exploring it can be an expensive proposition even before accommodation is taken into account. That is why campervans make for such a popular choice. People these days don't just want to see something and leave. More and more, people are looking for a retreat or escape, where they can just pull up and enjoy the sites without limits or restrictions.

If you want to rent a camper in Hobart, Tasmania, here are a few tips to consider – especially if you are on vacation in Tasmania:
1. Websites: If your plans are made well in advance, you can check out websites of rental companies – they always offer deals for booking in advance, and payment via credit card is almost always an option.
2. Travel Off Season: Travelling during off peak times is a good way to find great deals on rentals. All of these companies are willing to work with you to find the best vehicles and deals for you. They also offer trip planning and other advice to make your trip as packed with adventure as possible.
3. Compare Sellers: This is a must for everyone – wherever you go, there will always be more than one company offering travel vehicles, and they will probably give you better rates by comparing and asking for deals.
4. Go Off Word of Mouth: It is always a good idea to get referrals from companies that friends and family have used. This keeps companies happy as they are getting business directed their way from other customers, and they may even offer discounts if you agree to promote them to your friends.
5. Make sure to ask about membership discounts – if you belong to an international club, they may offer discounts on that basis. Depending on what activities you are interested in, companies sometimes offer bigger discounts and cash back. The length of time is key. 50+ days make it cost effective for both parties.
Don’t wait any longer to plan that exotic vacation – take a trip to Tasmania and enjoy the beauty of the place. With or without a camper, you'll never want to leave.

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