Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Turn Your Family Holiday Into a Melbourne Adventure

These days, a lot of people see travelling not just as a leisure activity but also as a way to explore the world and discover new places. There are many different ways of travelling and exploring a country, but if you want to discover Melbourne, the best way to do it in my (I'll admit, slightly campervan obsessed) experience is, you guessed it, with a campervan!

Make your trip amazing

Melbourne is one of the most populated cities in Australia. Some people who decide to explore this place opt to stay in a hotel or a bed and breakfast. What a waste! Sure this allows them to explore what's within the city center, maybe even the most popular tourist attractions surrounding Melbourne if they take a tour, but there's no way you're going to experience all of what this city has to offer like that.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

How To Make Your Trip To Brisbane More Convenient - Hire A Campervan!

Being a smaller city compared to Sydney or Melbourne does not mean that Brisbane is lagging behind in terms of things to do. One of Australia’s premier cities, Brisbane is a hotspot of culture and recreation. While the city center is a fast moving metropolis of its own, the natural sights around the outer edges of Brisbane makes the city a wildly popular tourist attraction. With a number of must-see destinations on hand, a viable transportation service is definitely essential. There is always a need to move people around to various views in the city, but to visit beyond the urban sprawl and to get a real feel for everything Brisbane has to offer, it's a great idea to hit the road in a campervan to make your holiday your own adventure.

One of the best things about renting a motorhome in Brisbane is that they are so immediately accessible.

Motorhome Hire FAQs – All Your Questions Answered

Here are some tips and answers to a few Frequently Asked Questions I've been getting in my inbox about campervans/motorhomes and traveling round Australia:

What's the process of hiring a campervan?

Go through the different rental websites available. Choose a suitable package (taking into account number of people, duration of trip, required extras etc). Then you can either call their customer care number or use their online booking system. Make sure that the motor home company of your choice provides the vehicles from your departure point, not just where you live.

What happens if there is a breakdown and there’s no help in vicinity?

All motor home companies provide the traveler with an emergency contact number. Simply dial the number and provide your location. They'll send help. In the meantime, prepare a cup of coffee and enjoy the view!