Thursday, 11 December 2014

Motorhome Hire FAQs – All Your Questions Answered

Here are some tips and answers to a few Frequently Asked Questions I've been getting in my inbox about campervans/motorhomes and traveling round Australia:

What's the process of hiring a campervan?

Go through the different rental websites available. Choose a suitable package (taking into account number of people, duration of trip, required extras etc). Then you can either call their customer care number or use their online booking system. Make sure that the motor home company of your choice provides the vehicles from your departure point, not just where you live.

What happens if there is a breakdown and there’s no help in vicinity?

All motor home companies provide the traveler with an emergency contact number. Simply dial the number and provide your location. They'll send help. In the meantime, prepare a cup of coffee and enjoy the view!

What is the age limit for renting motorhomes?

The age limit for hiring motorhomes varies from provider to provider. In Australia, you can get a vehicle if you are 21 or over. This is because insurance is not available for people below 21 and over 75; though this also varies from one provider to the other.

Is it possible to take pets in the van with you?

Of course it’s possible. Where else would they go? On a leash behind the van?. The only thing is that you have to book a vehicle that has special provisions for pets. Mention from before about this so that provisions can be made.

Are 3 point seat belts available?

Most motorhome hire companies have two 3 point seat belts in the rear and also 2 lap belts in the habitation area in the rear.

Is it possible to park anywhere?

No. It’s not safe everywhere! Motorhome companies have specific parking places. You will be provided with the necessary information about where you can or cannot park by your rental company before you hit the road. Park only in the mentioned places. There’s parking facility available at the collection points.

Is the insurance deposit refundable?

Only if you able to return the motor home damage-free and with the toilets clean, the insurance deposit will be given back to you. Else a certain amount will be deducted depending on the extent of damage.

What about mileage and fuel?

The motor homes generally do 25-28 miles to a gallon. They run on diesel. The tank will be up to the brim when you hire and the company would expect you to return it that way. Else, a certain amount will be deducted from the deposit amount.

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